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"Just Before I Go- Again!"

    I leave Monday for my summer retreat to the Cotswolds (that’s England don’t you know!) where I’ll spend a month with Toff and Georgie Milway, beating the heat of Virginia and enjoying the company of my many friends there. When I return I must turn my mind to some serious wheel throwing to… Read more »

Big News!

Here is the letter that I sent out to the artists and a supporters of LibertyTown. I have always called myself the accidental developer and I have been an even more reluctant administrator, so, as the song goes, “it’s been a long time comin’ but a change is gonna come…” Twelve years ago I was looking for… Read more »

Penland Wood Kiln – Casting the Arch

We needed, and got, one good week-end of warmish weather to cast the arch. We moved more than 6 tons of material by hand over 2 days time. A lot of hard labor, but done with great spirit! Before… Jim from Larkin’s special mix. Applying the first course The first layer Working on the tube… Read more »

More Kiln Building

This post takes us up to the point where we cast the arches. Notice the plastic at the bottom, hoping to cut some of the wind down. Firebox Boat Building? Ready for casting.

Building a Kiln

A story has to start some where and this one starts in early March when  Kevin Crowe and I arrived at the Penland School of Crafts to meet the 17 students and assistants who had enlisted in our kiln building boot camp. I’m not sure if any of us understood what a challenge lay before… Read more »

Fresh Curd Fridays

Hi, remember me?!  I was hoping that the title would lure you back to make sure that I’m still around! I am finally at home after almost 3 months of intense and wonderful adventures. I left Penland two weeks ago today and drove almost three and a half thousand miles since then to join the… Read more »

No. 14 in a series

 3 months making.1 week waxing and glazing5 days loading28 hour firing2 1/2 days of waiting…     I’m just about to dash over to LibertyTown for tonight’s opening in the gallery (UMW student show). I’m mighty weary from this firing marathon and the pace of life continues to be on the edge of frantic. I… Read more »


I’m getting near the end of a long making cycle, doing my best to finish the last few things on my list while suffering from a bad cold. I couldn’t possibly fire a kiln without mugs and I put the last handles on a large batch today (77). I still have to make some little… Read more »

Brain Freeze

    I’m sure that it’s the coldest day we’ve had in some time…it won’t be above freezing for at least a couple more days. This is Buffalo weather, without the snow. I find it exhilarating, in small doses, but I am happy not to have to deal with it for months on end.  … Read more »

Blogpost #501

One of many happy moments in 2012… my first swarm! I have neglected you, gentle reader, and Hannah has shamed me into returning to the keyboard here and saying a few words. The last year, like every other, has been full and productive and I find that it gets harder to remember what actually happened… Read more »

History of the Birds (pt. 1)

I posted a photo of a couple of my biblio-birds in progress on my facebook page a few days ago and got comments from both of the Bringle sisters so I figure I must be on to something!  As this is my 500th post, I thought I’d mark it with a little backstory.    … Read more »

For Tony

I enjoy reading Tony Clennell’s blog…he’s a good writer and potter and he wears a good hat well. He also writes as if he is the only man with a handle fetish. Below I submit my own visual confession! I admit when he put handles on the knobs of his teapots a while ago, I… Read more »

John Glick Bowl

When I was a young lad, just discovering that there was a world where people made a living working with clay, there were very few ‘role models’ for life outside of Academia.  John Glick was one of the very few that I was aware of back in the 70’s and he continues to make wonderful… Read more »

A Wonderful Weekend

The first fine misty rain that has since become a hurricane began to fall just as we packed up the last of the exhibitors and sent them on their way last evening. The timing was more than fitting for a flawless weekend in our nation’s capitol. Everyone arrived and got themselves situated throughout the day… Read more »

Finally Here

I’m sure that you will all be happy when The “Pottery on the Hill” show is over and I stop writing about it. It’s here at last and all that’s left to do is set up the pots and wait for what I hope will be big crowds of buyers. You never know with a… Read more »

Ultra Secret Sneak Preview

I spent Saturday amidst the splendor of the Virginia autumn, figuring out how to put together my display for the show this weekend. By now you know that the “Pottery on the Hill” show is this weekend and soon some of my favorite potters will be gathering to share their amazing work at a brand… Read more »

I Didn’t Mean to Lie…

…it’s just that I’m a poor typer and proof reader. Yesterday’s group of tall pots stated that they were made from 7 pounds of clay and were 18″high. They are actually 16 ” high, a mistake that made it obvious to me that you readers are actually  paying attention! I love handles…and texture…and glazes that… Read more »

First Taste

Handle detail I haven’t had much time to savor the pots from last week’s firing, nor has there been much time (or energy) for taking photographs. But today I’m starting to feel like things are under control, that we’ve done the best we can to make the Pottery on the Hill show a success and… Read more »

Unloading #13

My usual group of good friends joined me yesterday in the cold and rain to unload some hot pots. In spite of changing bagwalls & exit flues and using untested wood ash in a glaze, all my worries were for nought. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect black and blue slip, but most… Read more »

Waiting for …

My ‘happy place’ in the woods. It is a good thing that the firing marathon leaves my wiped out…2 and a 1/2 days of waiting could be an eternity, but mostly for the first day I’m too tired to care. But today was day # 2 and I spent most of it poking around the… Read more »

Ready to Burn Some Wood

I’ve been happily loading the kiln for most of the last week. The weather has been grand and today Jason and I buttoned it up and gave it a couple of hours of pre-heating. We’ll light up at 5PM tomorrow and than stoke for 24-26 hours. I want to soak the first chamber for a… Read more »

Pottery on the Hill

                  We have a nifty new website that you should take a look at. The show is just about a month away and I imagine kilns being fired from Minnesota to Massachusetts and south to North Carolina via Pa., Md. and old Virginny. Check out… Read more »

Treats from a Scottish Lassie

Only Hannah would think to send me whiskey flavored tea…2 of my major food groups! Thank-you, dear! It is tasty, although not overly reeking of scotch. Clay box totem….the empties

Long Trousers

before Autumn has always been my favorite season and it arrived in serious fashion this week…bright clear skies, cool crisp air, geese flying in from the north, squirrels gathering nuts, apples at the farmers market, and the harvest just begun. In our part of the world most fields are planted in soybeans and corn and… Read more »

First Friday September

This was a large art weekend in our fair city, starting with our opening reception for our friend and former intern, Sarah Perry. Titled “Curios”, Sarah’s work are close-up photos of a variety of objects that are printed on round aluminum plates. She also included some small sculptural work which I’ve yet to photograph. It… Read more »