I’m getting near the end of a long making cycle, doing my best to finish the last few things on my list while suffering from a bad cold. I couldn’t possibly fire a kiln without mugs and I put the last handles on a large batch today (77). I still have to make some little soup bowls, but I can already feel the energy shifting within as I start to fill my brain with glazing and loading. Aren’t we lucky to have a job that involves so many different aspects of our bodies and minds?! Other than bricking up the doors to the chamber, I love each step in the process. I take way too much time to load, squeezing every bit of pleasure from that step in the process.

Is there a difference between a brain and a mind?

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  1. Michael Kline

    You are a mug makin’ machine! I hope you’re feeling better. I still a little cough, but otherwise I’m OK. I’m just glad I wasn’t in the middle of a rush of mug making when I fell ill.

    For me bricking up the door is OK. Getting the door up is like finally making it to the top of a long uphill climb. After the fire is started in the firebox, it’s like a long downhill sprint. Then, after the firing is over, exhaustion.

  2. Margaret Brampton

    I really like that mug on the right. Is there any way we can buy one and get it shipped to England? Are you coming to England this year and if so when?
    You are producing some inspirational work there.


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