Ultra Secret Sneak Preview

I spent Saturday amidst the splendor of the Virginia autumn, figuring out how to put together my display for the show this weekend. By now you know that the “Pottery on the Hill” show is this weekend and soon some of my favorite potters will be gathering to share their amazing work at a brand new venue. I have been working along with a bunch of other folks for some time on this and now all the preparations have been made. 
Kilns are still being unloaded, vans are being packed and  the anticipation is killing me! 

Jason and I spent three days last week building 28 of these.

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  1. Cambria Pottery

    Wow wish I could have been there to view and pick up and handle and if I had a million dollars to buy the whole show. Very very special event thanks for sharing all the photos hope to continues into the coming years as an exhibition of craftsmanship and artistry.


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