No. 14 in a series

 3 months making.
1 week waxing and glazing
5 days loading
28 hour firing
2 1/2 days of waiting…

    I’m just about to dash over to LibertyTown for tonight’s opening in the gallery (UMW student show). I’m mighty weary from this firing marathon and the pace of life continues to be on the edge of frantic. I have to leave for the Penland School of Crafts in a week and there is much to do before then. 
    The pots in this firing are intended for my trip in May to the St Croix Valley Pottery Tour in Minnesota. Bob Briscoe has very kindly invited me to join this incredible group and I really hope that these pots are  going to especially sweet. Hannah McAndrew is also making the trip from Scotland!
    I have to depart from Fredericksburg for Minnesota just 2 days after the Penland workshop ends, so everything has to be ready before I leave. It is not my nature to be so organized , but so far we are on schedule.
    We unpack Sunday and I’ll be back with a full report.

Back stacks
front stack, first chamber
bricking up the doors
second chamber, front stack
I usually show this shot from the firebox side.  It looks good from here as well! 
Michael Littlefield (waffle maker extraordinaire)…12th firing
Beth Sperlazza…8th firing…and Jackie…1st firing
Jason Hartsoe…5th firing

3 Responses to “No. 14 in a series”

  1. Ron

    Can we get a little censorship on that last pic of Jason pleeze? 🙂
    Love the waffle toasting.

  2. mokapottery

    So pleased to have found you. I am now the very happy owner of a Dan Finnegan mug from the raffle at the Scottish Potters Association AGM weekend at Kindrogan this month. I love getting to know new potters, so I’ll be wandering back through your blog archives now. 🙂


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