I Didn’t Mean to Lie…

…it’s just that I’m a poor typer and proof reader. Yesterday’s group of tall pots stated that they were made from 7 pounds of clay and were 18″high. They are actually 16 ” high, a mistake that made it obvious to me that you readers are actually  paying attention!

I love handles…and texture…and glazes that move!
Pedestal Bowl 16″w x 7″h

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  1. cookingwithgas

    all potters have a bit of that in them- was it a good show? yea, it was great made a billion dollars. ( was terrible and they want you to suffer with them) No, it was terrible, just made booth fee. ( they made a billion dollars and don’t want you there…)
    It was 18 inches and weight was 5 pounds… anyway- love, love, love the bowl!


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