Fresh Curd Fridays

Hi, remember me?! 
I was hoping that the title would lure you back to make sure that I’m still around!
I am finally at home after almost 3 months of intense and wonderful adventures. I left Penland two weeks ago today and drove almost three and a half thousand miles since then to join the wonderful folks of Minnesota for the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour. It was as wonderful as advertised and and a completely fabulous time. And there is a lot of cheese curd in those parts…
 I drove back with Hannah McAndrew, who flew from Scotland to add her own special charm and great pots to the show. I hope to retell some of the tales of Penland and St. Croix, but as I get my two finger typing back in shape, I’ll restart with a few photos of herself as we wandered across this country of ours. 
All bundled up in Minnesota
Hannah stunned by the wonder of american baseball! (with Dan, Molly, Julie, Beth, herself, Jason and Dave.
Look for this owl slip-trailed on future pots!
A pensive pose whilst enjoying ‘frickles*’ in Georgetown, Kentucky.

(*You’ll have to guess…or ask.)

8 Responses to “Fresh Curd Fridays”

  1. Sandy miller

    We love seeing you pots at Bob’s! Great show, great potters and great pots! You were pretty busy, always good to see potters making sales!

  2. Hollis Engley

    Hannah watched baseball for, I think, the first time on our television right after she and Doug Fitch came to the USA for their first tour. We watched an inning or so and then, from the back of the room, came Hannah’s voice, “They don’t DO very much, do they?”

  3. Hannah

    These frickles were a touch better than the NC ones the other year but still, two or three is plenty really.
    Hollis, I am now convinced that they don’t do very much, what a funny how do you do that was. Constantly interupting the game for races of giant headed cartoon characters, dancing children and a bit of singing. Bonkers.


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