Working Smarter

We finished bricking up the doors about 6pm this evening. I have been promising myself that I would not begin this firing already worn out and by moving everything back a day I think I’ve done it! I will light the fire 24 hours from now and I hope to be at my best.  Jason has the great privilege of doing the overnight shift as he is the newest member of the team. Beth and Michael and Bill, veterans all, will also be on hand. With such good help I can just sit and enjoy the champagne and strawberries and chocolate!
This is the 10th firing and I’m still not finished figuring it out. I still need more heat in the bottom of both chambers, it is always hotter in the back than the front and I need to create a lighter reduction than previously. I’m sorry to use the ‘fine tuning’ cliche but it is appropriate.
A funny interior. The first one looks like a frightened cow!
There is also a little film going on that I won’t mention much until we see how it goes. I’m hoping for more than ‘ just another naval gazing wood firing potter’ story. We’ll see. I’ll be back in a couple of days.

7 Responses to “Working Smarter”

  1. gz

    good for you, for pacing yourself.
    You need to enjoy the process and learn, if you’re too tired you wont.

  2. Anna

    I hate that rushing feeling…so, so glad you have found a good pace.

    Those birds look like they are ducking down below the roof!

  3. cookingwithgas

    hey happy firing- the weather here is great I hope you are having the same.
    Let me know when you are coming my way- I have a bed and bath for you!


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