Whew! I Thought I’d Lost You!

For some reason Mr. Blogger wouldn’t let me access my dashboard for the last week or so and I feared that I had lost you all….all of a sudden it seems to back to normal (thanks Anna). It was really bugging me to think I’d have to start anew.  And so, onward and upward!
    Too much happened in that brief time to catch up,  so I’ll let the photos tell the story. 1 more week to make pots before I start loading.
The latest and last serious bird piece for firing #9. 16″h
a blurry detail
loading up a biscuit kiln for pots that get my crackle slip
Some of what you’ve missed
Zolo at LibertyTown opened tonight, a story for another entry.

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  1. Anna

    Hurray! Glad Blogger got over its flu and invited you back. The birds look outstanding and I love the poster on LT. Thanks for the studio tips today!


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