When Food and Art Collide…

When you run a gallery you soon learn how quickly a month goes by. Paul Cymrot’s colorful movie poster show is gone and we’ve hung our third annual “FOOD” show, a juried exhibition of art depicting food. We are grateful to Bob Whittingham for being our judge this year. About 75 entries were submitted and we love to see all the different interpretations. Carter Corbin won ‘Best in Show’. I’ll soon do a post about the show itself.
Last night’s opening was one of our biggest. We had an incredible turnout from the very start of the evening and it was a terrific night for all the galleries in town. Perfect spring weather, lots of good press and some new and exciting moves for Art First and BrushStrokes brought hordes of people out. This has become a particularly popular night because we have a 3 hour exhibition of ‘Edible Art’. We continue to get wonderful entries and our visitor’s get to cast a ballot for their favorites. At 8pm-ish we announce the winners and then….. we eat it all!
We also invite the Food Bank folks to set up a table to raise some money and awareness and people were very generous last night. We will have a barrel in the gallery all month so think about dropping off some non-perishables if your coming our way!
I think I got all of the entries below, thanks to John. It’s never too late to be thinking about next years contest…
I also sold some nice pots last night; that’s always a good thing.

The Dr. Suess cake was a big hit with the youngsters. It was so red it was scary.

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  1. Incognito

    The whole town was jumping last night! So much fun going on everywhere, but I loved my Libertytown time the best, as I always do. The edible art entries were simply incredible, the art on the wall sumptuous, and the company superb! I am so happy to be a part of this thriving art community. Thank you, Dan, for giving so much of yourself to making this an important art town!


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