This has been a quiet week, mostly getting some rhythm going on the wheel. It always seems to take a while to get my mind and body on the same page and keep out the distractions that life brings.
   Sadly, a quiet week is still busier than I’d prefer…this week’s list included visiting my surgeon for a check-up, a farewell party for Anna Branner, picking apples in preparation for this year’s cider making, testing soil on the farm for next year’s garden, and spending a bit more time with my chainsaw. Imagine the pots a man could make as a hermit! 
    Why is it that as much as I enjoy throwing, I have to work myself up to begin?  It is always useful to start with something old and comfortable, and I have been making these oversized pie dishes for more than 30 years. They just about make themselves, they are fun to comb, and I love pie. But then, you know that by now. And if you are going to make a pie, a standard 9″ is hardly worth the effort, so bigger, in this case, is better. They also make a helluva quiche…I use a grated potato crust that is tasty…
    I always think of Eddie Hopkins when I make jugs…and Ray Finch…and, added to that list now is Doug Fitch. I think of my belly when I make a pie dish…
‘1/2 gallon jugs’
pie dishes

I know that I promised to leave the birds out of this for now, but they keep happening even as I get back to ‘honest pots’. The two with handles are also jugs with a stopper on the top for filling and beaks for pouring, I know not how well. There are also some bowls happening now, but honest, I’m getting over this ‘avian’ flu!

‘Yaz’ and ‘Zeke’
‘Agnes’ and ‘Xavier’

It is always flattering when a new follower joins up here at blog central. I recently lost one, though, and I’m not sure what to make of that.

4 Responses to “Underway”

  1. Anna

    Thanks for coming to my party, and for my surprise. I love them both. You know I really like the slip work on your pots. And the birds? With those great names I think you should ask Elizabeth for a story!

  2. Elizabeth Seaver

    Is “avian flu” something we should want to recover from? If so, I’m in real trouble.

    I’m glad you’re back to pie plates and finding fabulous names for your bird buddies.

  3. megan hicks

    Doesn’t seem to me you need to be cured of birds at all. As this post amply showed, there’s room for jugs, pie plates and birds.

    Funny, isn’t it, how one unsubscriber outweighs 144 followers for a brief instant.

    Incidentally, my duck and I have been enjoying cups of oolong tea.


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