5lb. +  3 1/2lb. + 1 3/4lb.
= 10 1/4lb
I can’t face any more ‘feathers’ at the moment so I’ve put the birds aside to make some ‘real’ pots…8 pie dishes (that’s for you, Marie N.!) and three large planters. I need to fill up that big-ass kiln!

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  1. John Bauman

    I refer to it as “blowing out the carbon”. Pots with lots of detail eventually take their toll on one’s mental carburetor. When it gets that way for me, I too blow out the carbon with something I can produce faster — and watch the landscape fly by for a while.

  2. John Bauman

    Oh, by the way…

    The ten pounder is beautiful! Obviously some work with the birds hasn’t hurt the pottery one bit. The strength of that form is wonderful.


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