The British Are Coming!!!

OK  kids, it’s time to mark those calendars and make a date to join us as we spend a weekend with these two masters of red clay 
Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch! 
You can join us here in Virginia…or with Hollis and the Cape Cod Potters in Massachusetts to the north of us, or with Ron in North Carolina (which is, of course, south of us). 
Please help us pass the word around….we already have folks from Ohio and Pennsylvania signed up to come! Don’t miss out.
In addition to a reception Friday evening we will have some sort of social event/meal planned for Saturday night. This is a rare treat and I know that we are going to enjoy ourselves!
Check out our website at or phone us at 540-371-7255

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  1. gallagherpots

    Already got my packet! Really looking forward to it. No workshop schedule though in the packet – just go by the one on the Libertytown Arts webpage?

  2. cookingwithgas

    I have given you an award -go to my blog if you want it.
    Copy the award and paste to your blog.
    Then tell us 7 things about yourself we might not know on your blog.
    Then pass the award on to 15 more or less bloggers you read.
    Even if you don’t want the award- give it up and tell us more about you.

  3. jimgottuso

    lucky you, i really wish i could come visit for this… i would love to see doug and hannah in action but alas it’s not in the cards. slip slidin’ away


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