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I think that every potter has a bit of architect in them…and I know a couple of architects that have pottery envy. Kurt Vonnegut’s father was an architect who struggled all his career, finding satisfaction in his retirement as a pot maker. Making pots…making buildings…they both share ideas about interior and exterior space..line and form. I often describe potmaking as architecture on a personal scale.
All this is a way to explain my lifelong interest in building things. The outhouse is shaping up. It was a tricky thing to get the arch forms up that high by myself…today if the rain isn’t too thick I’m hoping to put most of the siding up. I need to get back in the studio, but this sure is fun!

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  1. Incognito

    Very interesting what you are doing with a building I’ve always associated with snakes and a fear of falling in (from my Mississippi roots). Should have expected a different perspective from you; thanks!


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