More Uses for Cone Box Foam

A couple of days ago Michael Kline wrote a post about reusing the foam from a cone box….
It reminded me that we used to entertain ourselves around the wood kiln in western Maryland by coming up with overly obvious tips for Ceramics Monthly’s “Suggestions from Readers” column. 
I offer you these photos in that same spirit…  
Emergency Kneepads
Sweat Band
Photography Backdrop
Neck Warmer

6 Responses to “More Uses for Cone Box Foam”

  1. Elizabeth Seaver

    You’re so funny!

    I’d say you’re a shoe-in for the gifted and talented program (throwback to my teaching days which are inexorably receding into the misty past!)

  2. imagine

    Only someone of your advanced years would need kneepads Dan.
    But I do like the last picture where you are pretending to be the pope.
    So dignified.


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