Meanwhile, Back at the Studio…

I’m still struggling to find my focus since the wave of visitors and events that have filled the last month. It finally caught up to me yesterday and I didn’t quite make it through to the end of our reception in the gallery last night. I then went home and slept for 11 hours! None of this is convenient since I’m going to fire in about a week and a half. One more event this afternoon and I can then aim ALL my energies on this ‘endgame’. I did bring out the big torch, inspired by Doug, and made a couple of bigger pots. Having focused on birds this time around, I’m not certain that I have enough pots to fill it. I always need something to worry about!
This reads ‘FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, 2011 using my new letter stamps .
Candlesticks in progress…playing with stacking forms. I want to make these 6 feet high one day. Well, maybe 5 feet.
We fired some of Hannah and Doug’s pots, using a clear glaze (thanks, Ron) . I didn’t want to try and replicate their warm rich amber glaze and these are rather stark and handsome in all their glorious whiteness.

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  1. Hannah

    Hey up Dan, glad you are making again, it’s really hard getting into the swing isn’t it. How bizarre seeing pots glazed differently, interesting too. Hope they all survive. Did you get that platter off the bat?
    Missing you and your gang. take care,


    Nice work, really like the contrast between white and the natural clay colour its very striking!

    I have a letter stamping set at home, I still dont think I’ve quite got the hang of using it yet!


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