Kilnus Interruptus

I had a tight window of opportunity to get a firing in between my trip to England and my trip to New England and I was excited about seeing some of the last weeks’ work finished. But the gods have conspired to thwart me….7″-8″ of snow last night and car trouble means that I need a new plan. It’ll have to wait. I’m not happy about that….
Still the snow is absolutely lovely, the light fluffy stuff that piles up quickly. I started to shovel the lot at LibertyTown, but happily paid a guy with a little bucket truck to clear it all. I spent my childhood shoveling snow. I’m not too keen on it anymore.

I set aside each layer of the kiln in my studio before I actually load it. It saves time when loading and lets me know that I have the right mix of pots. This is the bottom layer of the salt chamber. I usually put planters there.

After the last firing I covered the firebox end with two layers of fiber paper to seal it from sucking air. The hard brick left an interesting pattern.
My kiln has a ‘gasket’ made of this stuff, with a layer between the inside and outside rows of brick. It is mighty tight!

My back yard on Winchester Street.


LibertyTown in purple and white.

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