I’ve been a bad blogger boy lately and I have been feeling more than a little guilty about it. I know we shouldn’t apologize, but sometimes the vestiges of a Catholic upbringing get the best of me. The photo above is of 5 of the 6 Finnegan kids, brother pat’s wife and their 3 and photos of my grandparents, mom and aunt Donna. A lot of Finnegans for a Murray family reunion! We met at Chestnut Ridge park which is a real nostalgic place for me and played bocce, cooked out on the grill (Buffalo is home to the world’s only meat-a-tarian people…potato chips and pickles count for vegetables!), and told stories about the generation taht preceded us. My only remaining uncle got us all together, which took some effort. He tells us that this is an annual event!
    I also visited the house that we grew up in, something I haven’t done in 20 years or more. Humble beginnings…
    Before I arrived in the Queen City I wandered through the Finger Lakes for a couple of days. We used to go camping and fishing there when I was a kid and it is just as beautiful as I remembered. Long, skinny glacier lakes surrounded by hills covered in vineyards and orchards. New York is the 2nd biggest grape producer in the US. I have lots more to report, but I just needed to crawl back into the computer’s saddle and take it for another ride. I’m leaving for England in a couple of weeks and there is lots going on!

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  1. Anna

    Glad you had a good visit. Those family events can be touch and go…Gotta make sure we have a chance to talk before you head to England and I move on to Charlottesville…..


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