Hunkering Down

I cross a little creek each day on my way to the studio and I often pause to check out all the turtles sunning themselves on fallen logs. Now, in what seems like an instant, we are into seriously cooler weather (at last!) and these guys will all be heading underground soon for a long winter’s snooze. I stopped the car to check him out and he sped away. They can really motor if necessary. 
Why did the turtle cross the road…?
I aim to be making plenty of pots in October with a firing in mid-November. My favorite way to spend a month! That means avoiding distractions, staying focused and drinking even more cups of tea. I need hundreds of pots to fill the two chambers of my kiln, although some of the big birds will fill some space. Like this beverage dispenser below…
I couldn’t help myself….

 I love a round pot, don’t you? If you look closely you can see that the handles are a different color clay…I use several and under certain light conditions in my studio I have a hard time telling them apart. I do it all the time. No one knows…

A ‘classic’ vase of mine on the left and knob I’m still not sure of on the right.

5 Responses to “Hunkering Down”

  1. ang

    HA! funny i have a print out of one of your forms in my studio like the one on the left…. now i remember where i pinched it from :))

  2. Hollis Engley

    November firing sounds like just the right time to make pots that will be sold by the dozens coming up to the holidays. Great time in NC, Daniel. Thanks for the entertainment on the way down. We got back yesterday, after a 12-hour drive Sunday and another seven or eight Monday, with side trips. I say the same thing about Meredith and Mark – great folks. We met lots of good people in Seagrove and saw some wonderful pots.

  3. Susan Wyatt

    Dan, so glad this blog let’s me keep up — even when it’s been ages since seeing you! Love the bird work. Hope to see you Saturday. I think the birds need to migrate to the Smithsonian in the Spring!


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