“LIDDED BOX” Cedar burl and clay.
Earlier this year I began what is becoming a very fruitful project with my friend Frank. I hand him some random birds and he turns his imagination on! 
“LIDDED BOX”  lump of Coal and Clay
It’ difficult to see, but Frank has turned a small container into this.

5 Responses to “Collaborations”

  1. MH

    Very nice collaboration. Who would’ve thought to chuck up a piece of coal?? Of course those birds will even make a lump of coal look good.

    Meredith has suggested she’s been bad enough this year to expect me to have a lump of coal wrapped up for her on Christmas morning…. She’s been exceptional this year but not exceptionally bad. I’m thinking socks.

  2. Frank

    Lump of coal came from Michigan; original intent was a joke Christmas gift. Collaborative effort with Dan has been very good for me in that it helps push the creation/imagination engine.. I’m very much looking forward to working additional projects and scheming concepts which push my comfort envelope….


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