Bredon Hill

Conderton is one of the villages sometimes referred to as a ‘string of pearls’ that encircle Bredon Hill. The hill rises to almost 1,000ft. and stands apart from the Cotswold range to the east, although it’s geology is certainly related, and the Malvern Hills to the west. It has several ‘standing stones’ and Bronze Age barrows, three Iron Age forts, a Norman castle ruins and a ‘folly’. It is a popular place to hike and if you go straight up the hill from here you will find the remains of a Roman hill fort. It’s not unusual to find shards of Roman samian-ware, which was very finely made pottery. The views from the top are fantastic and I’ll take some photos next time I go up. In the meantime, I took a drive around the hill a couple of evenings ago. It’s a route that bicyclists often take. Here are a few of the sights along the way.

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  1. Paul

    Can’t resist, Dan… the image of you hiking up the hill (and posting photos to prove it) has all of us at Claremont checking your blog for updates every couple hours. Don’t forget to pack your gorp & a thermos of tea. And say hi to the lambs for Emily.

  2. Hollis Engley

    We found Roman shards when we were there several years ago, and much heavier and less sophisticated Iron Age (I think) shards. The history just lays on the ground for you there.

  3. Matt Grimmitt

    When Bredon Hill wears its hat, ye men of The Vale beware of that.
    When Bredon Hill is true and clear, ye men of The Vale have nowt to fear!
    A bit of local prose for you Dan, not sure if you have heard of this one, but it’s true and clear enough this morning.


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