Bedrock Pots

This is a body of work that goes back to my earliest introduction to clay. My college experience emphasized sculpture over function (this is TOO common) and I divided my time between both. My functional pots are finely made and maybe a bit too tight, sometimes…these pieces are the opposite in every way. In fact, a lot of the surfaces start with the scraps from the pottery process. I press all kinds of slips and junk into the surface of a wet slab and then stretch and distort it before shaping. later I spray more slips, glaze and ash mixtures. These were all gas fired to cone 10.
I’ve never made a lot of this work because I’ve never been quite sure where the market might be. But lately I’ve been back at it again and I’ve got some new things in the works.

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  1. rachael

    actually, there is a delicious bagel place across the street from where i live. i think that i just don’t think about food enough. i do have a favorite italian eatery in chelsea though!

    your pots are coming along beautifully.
    i can’t wait to swing by liberty town.
    i miss it!

  2. Alex Solla

    I love the textures on these pots. Very evocative of geological processes. COOL!

    I only wish I were close enough to see more of your work in hand!


    I have “tagged” you at my blog, a blogger game that has been circulating, I was tagged by Joy Tanner and finally have played’s a good way for people to find your blog I guess. Read more about the rules here:


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