A Toast…to My ‘Followers’!

While the idea that a blogger would have ‘followers’ makes it sound a bit too much like a cult, I am always flattered when someone else adds me to their own list. And now that magic number has crept over 100! and I wanted to say thanks for watching and reading and admitting it! So here’s a toast to all of you out there in blogger-nation….I love a good smokey single malt scotch whiskey and Ardbeg is an excellent one. Andrew Coombs made the shot glass. I made the next 50, prompted by Aline and a perfect vehicle to continue slip tests on.
I’ve got a bunch of crocks underway as well and I spent part of today putting handles and sprigs on them.

7 Responses to “A Toast…to My ‘Followers’!”

  1. Elizabeth Seaver

    Right back at you, Dan. You inspired me to get my blog started. Thanks for that.

    Your new work is exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing it “beyond the fire!”

  2. jimgottuso

    cheers dan! i was one of the 100+ but had forgotten to add you to my blog list so i did. used to drink a lot of scotch in college… my dad was a glenfiddich man but who can afford that in college? i’ve never had ardbeg but i might have to make a little trip to the store soon and check it out


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