A Perfect Pot

Of course there is no such thing, but it is the striving that keeps me moving forward. 
18″ tall…it’s (still) my favorite from firing #11.
Vase with 4 Handles… 19″ tall
4 Handled Platter…16″ wide
I fear that many of my friends misinterpret that fact that I’m never really satisfied with my work. When we unload the kiln I seldom find the ‘good’ pots very interesting…they’ve done their job as they should…it’s the things that don’t come out right that are intriguing…it’s the mishaps that present puzzles to be solved. It’s one of the reasons that I needed to move from gas firing to wood…I’m a man who needs a problem to solve!

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  1. brandon phillips

    “Prolonged happiness is not a desirable state for artists; dissatisfaction is the pilot for further flight into the unknown where all artists should undertake their journeys. Contentment is the province of the dead.” Owen Rye


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