#200 in a Series

200 blogs written in little more than a year! I’m not certain what it says about me that I have set aside the time to write about my self, my work in clay, and the ideas that rattle around my brain that many times?! But I do know that I have grown to count on the news from my fellow creative souls out there. I love the quiet of my studio in the woods, but I also enjoy the knowledge that so many of us are exploring and creating in similar or at least familiar ways. So, onward to 300…

I’m still decompressing from a huge crowd at our First Friday exhibition opening. I’m guessing that we had 500-600 people attending this evening, which means we were full up all night. This was a two-for-one with the work of Hal Wiggins and our very own Artist-in Residence, Elizabeth Siever. Elizabeth has worked very hard in her first year as A-i-R and she has found a wonderful new direction in her painting/collage work depicting wildlife with the emphasis on wild. It is a great show and sales were brisk!
I spent the morning in the Circuit Court building as a member of a potential jury pool but was not selected. The building itself was designed by James Renwick Jr., the same architect that designed the “Castle” on the Mall in Washington, DC (our nation’s capitol).
I’m flying off in the morning to Cape Cod to teach a wood firing workshop for a week. I’ll be reporting on that trip when I return. Stay tuned…

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