Winter Fish

I was inspired by Michael’s blog yesterday when he was writing about being reminded that he was a potter. Even when I was making pots full time I was always amazed at how little time we really spend actually making. There are so many things to be done. Now that I run an art center, I spend even less time in the studio. I haven’t made a pot since September. I don’t like it. Even with the holidays approaching I’m hoping to make a start next week on work for the next firing. I don’t have a date yet, but we get some mild winter weather so hopefully I’ll be ready in a couple of months.
All that is by way of an explanation for the ‘parrot fish’ pictured above. I was working on a table for my new photography studio. But stole a few minutes to make a little slab and try an idea I’ve had for a while. That idea didn’t work, but it turned into this fish. I might make more, on purpose.
I’m going back to LibertyTown tonight for one of the last in our concert series. Gaye Adegbalola is performing in the gallery. She’s a local (and international!) treasure.

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  1. Kathleen

    Like a guitarist told me years ago…
    “Do it once and it’s a ‘mistake’, do it twice and it’s a ‘lick’, three times – it’s your ‘style’…


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