Wee Ones

This is a very big teapot. Perfect for your next garden party. Click on the box in the right corner for full screen wonderment.
Ever since I built my big-ass wood kiln I’ve really cut back on the smaller pots that I used to make…bud vases, creamers, little cups and bowls…I used to make lots and lots but they don’t go very far in filling the kiln and I keep running out of time to make them,
    For many years my work was all meant for the table and many of the pots that I made used less than a pound of clay…a six or eight pound bowl was BIG. I’m giving myself more time to make this time around and I made all those monster pots earlier so I’ve taken advantage of the last week or so to revive some other ideas. 
     Back in the Winchcombe days Toff and I would discuss ideas for little pots that would fit the negative spaces left between the pots we usually made.
    I’ve got a bunch of sweet little oval creamers underway as well as the flasks shown here.
With just two more weeks of making until I need to start loading I need to start putting some bigger lumps of clay on the wheel but this has been fun.
Honey Pots, etc. The green lines are food coloring

6 Responses to “Wee Ones”

  1. Sherry

    I LOVE the tea pot!! So the food coloring will burn off? I suppose.. Love all your work…Im inspired to make tea pots now.

  2. Liberty Stoneware

    Love the teapot, the size of a merchant’s advertising jug, but a nice quip like some of the 18th-century English teapots! Any tips on flattening things like the flasks you made? I’ve not played around with flattening in a long time, but remember it being frustrating!


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