Vote Early…and Often!

Anna is helping me to design a new business card and brochure. She sent me these 5 to look at. I like them all, so if you have an opinion let me know. I’d print them all if it was feasible!

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  1. Alex Solla

    Images are nice but the fonts leave me wanting more. Your pots are too cool for such boring fonts. (is that bad to say?) Nice work! Looking forward to seeing these business cards when they’re done.

  2. Hollis Engley

    Bottom one, for the font and the teapot. And I guess I don’t agree completely with Alex about the fonts being boring. I’ve seen some more “exciting” fonts used that got in the way of what a business card is for – communicating with a client. I particularly like the bottom one, which matches up with the teapot to give a nice traditional feel. And I assume all that trivial shit like the phone number and e-mail address and snail mail address and website address will appear on the back?

  3. Hannah

    Hi Dan, I’ll try not to delete your entire blog while I am here, rubbish as I am with these technical matters, lucky I didn’t delete the internet last night, I had had a glass of wine which may have been the problem. Lost a pile of pictures too!
    Anyway back to the questin in hand, the bottom one because some people don’t know what you do, I know it’s hard to believe and they should know but that makes it obvious that you make pots that will do stuff. They are all pretty good though, I like the slanty not boring small thumbnail of of a pot style. Looks great.
    I just had to check the sprig placement on my pot to see if that was indeed the jar you gave me in the pic but I now know that it isn’t. That pot has found a home next to the budgie’s cage by the way. I think he likes it too.

  4. ariel freeman

    My vote is for the first one with the vine (visually pleasing and simple design) or the one with the little bird on top (whimsical and unique). As for font…keep it simple and easy to read. Tough to choose; they all look great!

  5. Elizabeth Seaver

    These are very cool. I like the images off kilter, for interest, and I like seeing the salt texture, so those are my favorites. (And you know how I feel about birds!) So, I pick #2, #4 and #5. How helpful is that?

    Honestly, you’d be in fine fettle with any of them. Get some of each…?

  6. Chris C.

    I like #2 and #5. The typography is a weird and doesn’t fit the design in the others as well. Good luck choosing a winner!

    Are you printing both sides? Maybe just use your name on the front and remaining details on the back. Let the images (which are very strong) speak for themselves.

  7. Dennis Allen

    Bottom one.It shows a nice fair curve to the handle, a lid that fits and has an extra detail line, and to my mind the best salt effect of the bunch.The font has a little style but is still easily readable.Leaving the address and phone number off is a genius way to keep the studio quiet.

  8. June Perry

    I love the 4th one down (bird top). To me, it’s the most eye catching one of the group. I also like the text size and placement.

  9. Dan Finnegan

    Wow, audience participation blogs are the best…13 comments in 24 hours! Thanks to all who expressed an opinion.
    I like the minimal writing in front and the back will have all the nitty gritty info, or trivial shit as Hollis calls it!
    I kind of like the font, but I’m open to suggestion, Alex…any ideas?
    Who’s luckier, Hannah, my pot or the budgie?
    So far it’s 7 for the last one, followed next by the bird and #2 with 3 each.

  10. sarah perry

    so here’s my opinion on the options at hand:
    I think the photo on the first card is the best. All the others lack a depth and image clarity that the first one has. I have to pick the first card for that reason. I don’t feel like the other photos show the ‘deep dan brown’ color and personality that I’m sure they have in person–the first one does that a little better.
    We don’t see enough of the last photo to tell it’s a teapot (though I think I knew before reading the comment).
    All that being said, I really like the bird
    But, I don’t like the crooked photos, I guess I’m more classic in that respect.
    there you go.

    sounds like you had a good trip…just a little water was seperating us, but impossible to organize any kind of trip at this moment in time…see you va, surely.


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