Virginia Earth: Ceramic Arts at the Portsmouth Arts and Cultural Center

This exhibition runs until October 18th. Artists include Sukjin Choi, David Crane, Kevin Crowe, Randy and Catherine Edmonson, Dan Finnegan, Warren Frederick, Steven Glass, Silvie Granatelli, Chris Gryder, Diane Hottenstein, Mike Jabbur, Marlene Jack, John Jessiman, Elizabeth Kendall, Andrea Keys, Barbra Kobylinska, Josh Manning, Dale Marhanka, Stephen Marder, Richard Nickel, Adam Paulek, Bill Pinkham, Brian Pitney, Donna Polseno, Ellen Shankin, Akiko Tanaka and Catherine White.

You might imagine that I have returned home to kick up my feet and savor the adventures of the summer so far, but with 2 exhibitions and 3 shows between now and the end of October I have  gone right back into the studio and gotten back on the wheel. I am using some of the new (to me) Starworks clay bodies, making planters to fill the bottom layer of my kiln. I have a scheme thanks to Claude and Toff, my Czech partners and kiln mavens, to get much more heat to the bottom, but until I can prove it works I put pots that seem less risky there. Speaking of Claude these little ying and yang vases came as a result of a little moment that he and I took to play with something I was going to discard.P1030333

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