V.T.B. Vase pt. 3

If your still watching the vase that I made while doing a demo a few weeks back, here is the finished piece. It is the light colored pot on the second shelf from the bottom. Below are some closer views.

I fired it in the second chamber, where salt is introduced as the kiln approaches temperatures over 2000 degrees. I brushed a cobalt/iron slip over the little fish stamps and they show up quite nicely. Rappahanock Bluefish – a rare local delicacy!

I stamped the rim to add a little extra something to it. I like old commemorative pots and I sometimes write inside and outside of my own.

Make sure that you come back and visit LibertyTown…wonderful things are being made there every day!

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  1. casey

    Thrilled to see the finished product! What a beaut she turned out to be. Keep up the great work there at LibertyTown; be back to see you soon!

    Kind Regards,
    Casey Higgins, VTC


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