The Year of the Bird!?

It’s been several months since I’ve made pots (such is the life of an art center owner) and this week I’ve been slowly working in my studio, trying to build some momentum. The studio starts out somewhere between 32 degrees F. and 40 when I arrive, but my little heater gets it up to the mid-50’s in an hour or two and I’m happy with that. 
While I can quickly clutter the studio with every tool and teacup and notebook until there is no more useful horizontal space remaining, I try to begin each cycle with everything in it’s place.
I wasn’t sure what I’d feel like regarding bird making after a long layoff…they’re such a departure from the last 30 years. But I find that I’m still having fun making these and I really do have pages of new doodles to try and bring to life.
So. I apologize in advance to anyone celebrating the year of the rabbit, but I declare, in the land of Dan, that this is to be the year of the wood-fired salt-glazed birds! Look out world…

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  1. John Bauman

    Very inspirational.

    In the guitar world we have what we humorously refer to as “guitar porn” — photography of beautiful guitars that we continue to go back to, linger over, and dream about…even though we may never play the guitar in the photo.

    Your birds were my favorite pottery porn of 2010.

  2. ang

    mid 50’s thats brave check out that thermometer like mid 70’s would more like it :)) actually today in mine it would be in the upper 90’s so why am i eating curry for lunch….stay warm dan and happy bird producing


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