The Big Event

Friday evening we hosted a fundraising event at Libertytown that turned out to be a great financial success as well as a whole lot of fun. We called this evening ‘The Big Event’ because it concluded something that we started a month ago.
Here’s the idea, which came from the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia, just an hour up the road from us:
We asked artists affiliated with our gallery to donate an original piece of work worth at least $150.00…we ended up with 53! donations of everything from oil paintings to mosaics to pottery. We installed them in our gallery and opened the show last First Friday.
With 53 pieces in hand we then sold 53 tickets for $100.00 each (in less than 3 days!) with the understanding that at the end of the month we would hold a drawing. That’s what we did Friday evening.
With all the ticket holders or their agents on hand and plenty of friends and supporters to cheer us on. We began pulling names from a lovely handmade basket. The first name pulled can choose any piece in the show! The second name picked goes next on etc. down the line until there is one last name and one last piece! The real challenge for the ticket buyers was to prioritize the work because they wouldn’t know in which order they would be picked. We provided a list which you can see is blown up on the wall (that’s Beth Jordan keeping track below).
We’ve never had a more scrutinized exhibition as everybody came by at some time this month and spent hours reviewing their possible choices.
Spirits were high and folks were very prepared. We planned on 3 minutes per choice in case people were stumped, but spirits were high and we moved along quite briskly. The adrenaline and anticipation made for an exciting time. I was the MC for the evening, with Aline and Elizabeth and April keeping everything tight.
Thanks to everyone that donated or bought or helped or attended…it was a fine evening… our town at it’s best!

Everyone looking to see the latest piece picked.

Notice all the folks holding or checking their list.

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  1. Michael Kline

    What a great idea! It looks like a lot of fun. This is just the kind of thinking about fund raising that folks respond positively to. I’m glad that it was a success.

  2. Incognito

    This was a brilliant idea; one I hope will be carried forward into the beautiful future of Libertytown! Not being a very emotional person (ha), I was absolutely giddy waiting for my number to be called. I was so happy to get my first choice; I’ve been wanting my pick for five years (long story, but true), so you know I’m in bliss!

    Thanks again, Dan and your crew, for doing so much work to pull this great event off in grand style!


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