"the Art of Earth"-the (fake) Trailer

You asked for it, so don’t blame me! 
In response to the numerous (2) requests for a movie trailer I present to you for your viewing pleasure my very first film attempts. I’m no Timothy Ryan Poe, and I’m certainly not Doug Fitch or even John Britt, but it turns out that my little blogging camera is all a man needs to make the next Isaac Button classic! Sorry that the last one is sideways, I can’t seem to turn it upright. Check the last post for details.
Click the little box in the right hand corner for a bigger view!
Gratuitous slippage
Tony Clennel’s got nothin’ on me

7 Responses to “"the Art of Earth"-the (fake) Trailer”

  1. Hannah

    Brilliant! For today’s mood your music choice in that last wee clip suits me far better than the other DF’s loud harsh stuff.
    More! More! Encore!


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