Thanksgiving w/ an Extra Helping of Thanks!

I’m having a quiet day reading and half watching football with a good fire in the fireplace. Of course, I’m drinking tea with biscuits, too. I’m getting stronger and eating better everyday; I’m just very sore and they tell me that it is normal.
I really just want to write to say thanks again to the countless people that rallied behind me these past 6 weeks…it gives emphasis to today’s celebration in a very real way.

9 Responses to “Thanksgiving w/ an Extra Helping of Thanks!”

  1. Anna

    Glad to see a new post. It’ll take time Dan, be patient and continue to take it easy. That is what this time is for. And BOY do I love that fireplace! Arent you lucky. 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Love the fireplace! Don’t get to build many fires down here in Alabama. So glad you are feeling better. Take care and don’t rush things.

  3. FuturePrimitive

    hi dan. so nice to hear from you and i’m glad you’re feeling better and drinking tea!
    i have been looking at shipping costs (soap) and have managed to find quite a cheap way of sending to you.
    my email is
    email me and i’ll tell you about it rather than put it up here!
    i shall of course still try and source a soaper in va but it would be a shame as i’ve had some lovely feedback about my soaps!


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