Whenever I take a big trip I feel the need to rearrange a part of my house when I return. Whenever I fire the kiln, I feel the need to rearrange my workplace. Who knows what that says about me…?
This is my “Doug Fitch Memorial Wood Shed” (Doug is alive and well, thank-you). If you read Doug’s blog you soon realize that he is in actual fact a shed builder disguised as a potter.
As I’ve spent more time in the ‘little studio’ I decided that I could give up some racking space to gain floor space. At 13′ x 20′ it is a cozy place to work, but had little room to move about. So I took down one of the two ‘stillages’ and replaced it with pipe racking. Now I’m ready for ballroom dancing! 
Shall we…? 
Shelves washed. 
Props dipped. 
Bricks stacked for the doors (‘wickets’ for my British friends). 
 These sponges are covered in little industrial diamonds and work well for cleaning up pots. I forget where they came from….check out Diapad on the intra-net. 
 So, any guesses on which critter chewed these two bricks down to a nubbin. Yesterday I watched a red headed woodpecker pecking on the side of my studio…later I discovered this. I think it could be salt that it is seeking. What a way to get it!

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