Old Pots and Older Potters

We were lucky to have Bob Fryer taking photographs at the opening of Eddie Hopkins’s Exhibition and I’ll be showing them off a few at a time for a while. Check out his website for beautiful photos of the Cotswolds and he promises to add a lot of his photos of old Cardew and slipware pots so stay tuned. It was particularly meaningful to have Ray Finch at the opening; at 94 Ray is still making amazing pots and still bakes his own bread! I’m sure he and Ray are talking about pots or food here.
The other old boy in this photo is Henry Sandon, the Ceramics expert on the BBC’s Antique Roadshow broadcast. He and his wife were celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary that day! They were very jolly folks and had a great appreciation for Eddie as both a potter and for his country charm.

There are lots of group photos of we Winchcombe potters and this is the newest one.
Toff, Mike Finch, Joe Finch, myself, Molly Jones, Ray, Nicky Hopkins, Anne Whittlesey and Dave Wilson.
I met Ray when he was in his early 60’s….he hasn’t changed a whole lot since then!

Ron Wheeler’s book: Eddie Hopkins – A Potters Life was designed by Steve Tustin who’s pictured here on the left with me and Georgie Milway at the top of the page. Steve is the grandson of Sid Tustin, who worked at Winchcombe for 51 years. Georgie feeds me the world’s best food, lots of it from her own garden.
The book is a real treasure and Ron has a bunch for the low, low price of 8 pounds plus p/h! Or I have a few for $20.00 which includes postage etc. if your in the U.S.