Now, Where was I…?

So, I figure that if I publish 8.3 photos a day I will be paying the low, low price of a penny per photograph. What else can you buy for a penny?…and what do kids do in place of penny candy? I used to love to go to Vick’s, the creaky old corner store of my childhood. He had an ancient oak and glass  candy counter and behind it were dozens of choices…peach stones and mary janes, licorice and pretzel rods…all it took was one quart bottle with a deposit on it and you could fill your pocket! But, I digress…
I spent today slowly going through the pots from the firing, parsing the results from my latest effort. I could have used more heat, but it really was worth taking a chance to change things up. There are lots of tasty pots and some of the large vases are really quite excellent.
Second Chamber

Second Chamber
First Chamber
Large Planter.
21″ high 
24″ high

Turn this pot inside out!

A rare mishap in this firing. There were very few seconds at all!
Bread Plates
Extra large teapot