New Year – Old Pots

Over at the Whynot Pottery blog, Meredith and Mark have lost leave of their senses and have written a very flattering description of their visit to Fredericksburg last week. They have obviously ‘drunk the kool-aid‘ and fallen under my spell! Thanks so much for the visit and the too kind words. More reasons to love this blogging world.
Last year at this time I was making my way to the studio to make a point that I was a potter, no longer a patient. A year later I am as strong and healthy as ever and looking forward to another busy year with the arrival of a new apprentice later this week and the arrival of Doug and Hannah for a workshop tour in April and a visit to New York City for my birthday later this month.
I hope that you also have big plans for a great year!
I thought I’d show some off some earlier work from time to time.
Salt glazed charger. Arizona State University, circa 1976.
Sorry about the copper red, Hollis, I didn’t know better back then! 
Soup Tureens/Ladles. Artistic photo!? Circa 1980
Baking Dish. I didn’t keep a brush in my hand for long. 1980

7 Responses to “New Year – Old Pots”

  1. cookingwithgas

    you make some mighty fine kool-aid and we are happy to take partake!
    Fun to see those pots- is that some segar blue as well?
    We all start somewhere and it looks as if you have gone down the right path.
    You know- I forgot you had been sick as well- you have done well.
    Enjoy you trip to NY!

  2. Hannah

    Hey Dan,
    Happy days! Enjoy the trip to NY, say hi to Paul’s sister if you bump into her it being such a small place.
    Looking forward to visiting you in the not too distant future.
    Very exciting about the apprentice too.


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