My Favorite Food!

There is nothing I like better than a homemade fruit pie! You can keep your pecan pies and your chocolate pies, I want raspberry or blackberry or rhubarb or peach or strawberry or apple or cherry (the exception to this rule is blueberry which I’m not real excited about, unless they are made with wild blueberries from Maine). 
On Tuesday I was visiting the new art center at the old Lorton Prison and stopped in the sleepy town of Occoquan on my way home. The town had little to offer except for the best pie shop I’ve been to in a very long time, Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery! I could have bought one of each, but restricted myself to four. Their blackberry pie is rated #1 in the South by Southern Living magazine. What a treasure…I’m heading to D.C. tonight for an opening and I just might have to stop in again…

9 different kinds of pie with the option of crumb topping or pastry. I prefer the later, but really, I’d suffer through any of ’em. I once discovered a fried pie shop in southwest Virginia. That was mighty fine as well.

7 Responses to “My Favorite Food!”

  1. Hannah

    sounds rather heavenly, just posted a slightly dark picture of your accomplice in fine food appreciation on my blog.h

  2. Hollis Engley

    No such thing as a bad pie. We had blueberry and bluebarry/mango last night, made by Tammy Race, while watching the beginning of the Celtics’ downfall. A strange little town, Occoquan, but it was always a favorite place to take a walk by the river.

  3. Anna

    I discovered Mom’s while driving Greg to work during the “broken ankle era”. Its a great place to kill some time!! Tasty. 🙂

  4. Incognito

    So glad you mentioned this place; I’d been to Occoquan several times recently and had not noticed it! I also love me a good fruit pie, but I am also a sucker for coconut cream! Will definitely check next time I’m in town (I grew up just down the road in Woodbridge!) One of the last times I was there when I lived in the area was with my friend, Des, and we walked the streets of Occoquan discussing quantum physics–truly!


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