The weather continues to be curious, several climates a day but always the rain! Mold is growing everywhere and I am under assault by blood-sucking mosquitos in the studio. There seem to be particular times of day that they need to feed. Not that they can slow me down. Pots are still flowing and I was pouring a lot of slip. Here’s my set up, all of which is on a turntable. The pot is sitting on a bottle which keeps the rim from touching.
I pour slip while the pot slowly rotates and I use a brush to ‘collect’ the dripping bits before I turn it upright.
Combing takes a few tries to get the right feel. This is the first one. A little stiff…
This is a small flask. That’s called ‘rilling’ on the neck. 
The crazy weather has also produced spectacular skies. These two photos should be stitched together for full effect.
 And our own Hannah McAndrew has made the big time here in the U.S. with a nice photo in the latest edition of Ceramics Monthly! Well done, lassie!