Home Away from Home

Here are a few photos of Toff and Georgie Milway’s home and pottery in the beautiful Cotswold stone village of Conderton. I’ll show more of the magnificent gardens at another time.
Sometimes I pretend that this is my English country home and that the Milways are my caretakers. Georgie always gives me the evil eye when I say so….I should probably just shut up and be grateful that they are so welcoming.

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  1. Hollis Engley

    Conderton looks green and lush right about now. More or less like Cape Cod, where thunder is rumbling in the distance as I type.

  2. Incognito

    Oh wow; I had no idea.

    Your last photo is very reminiscent of a Betsy Glassie painting. Thanks for keeping in touch as we miss you stateside.

  3. Hollis Engley

    I answered my own earlier question by looking at Hannah’s blog and seeing very definite Finnegan pots behind that disreputable group of clay people. Hope you managed to at least pay your airfare.

  4. Matt Grimmitt

    Hello Dan, You fancy a pint or two next week sometime? Been great to read what you have been upto over here, looks like you have had alot of fun so far.


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