11-9-47  “It will be some time before I can find time to reply. Visitors are incessant & correspondence so heavy that I cannot get more than 1/3 of my workshop hours for actual pot making. If I send you photos & publications etc. can I depend upon their early return-some are irreplaceable & all take time to get out?”
Sincerely, Bernard Leach

I have previously stated on this here blog that I am the luckiest man you’ll know…certainly the richest…and while I don’t do a lot of gift exchanging at Christmas, there are a few treats this year that are worth noting. The post card above is a real treasure…Bernard Leach complaining just like I do…never enough time to make pots! (you’ll have to ask Hollis to tell you the story about Leach that Byron Temple told us years ago!?!)

Life is good anytime a package shows up delivered by the Royal Mail. This one arrived courtesy of that wee red-headed lass in Scotland…strong tea, ornaments for all the friends that she made here (and Kit Kats!) Thank you, my dear!
Any day spent with Ellie is a gift!
Years ago when I had a big black beard a friend made a bunch of ‘Dan Santas’. I drag this one out most years.

I’m tempted to write something sentimental here about ALL the gifts that come my way each day, but let’s not get weepy here. I am feeling very grateful these days for all kinds of things, including those of you who take the time to visit with me here. 

5 Responses to “Gifts”

  1. Hollis Engley

    Maybe after three pints of strong ale you will hear the Byron Temple story about the exalted Mr. Leach. Otherwise, you should know the most common response after hearing it is, “Eeewwwwwww … “
    Otherwise, a Happy New Year, Daniel.

  2. Hannah

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Indeed Hollis. Not a tale best heard without the strong ale I think.
    Glad the tea etc arrived, those RM boys can be mighty fast sometimes, I was thinking you might get it for Easter.


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