First Friday September

This was a large art weekend in our fair city, starting with our opening reception for our friend and former intern, Sarah Perry. Titled “Curios”, Sarah’s work are close-up photos of a variety of objects that are printed on round aluminum plates. She also included some small sculptural work which I’ve yet to photograph. It was a great night  with plenty of folks joining us for our monthly fun and games.

These are details of my work
 “little” Beth Sperlazza, our artist-in-residence, is developing a new body of work and I’m excited to see the results of her exploration. We’ve had a number of red clay potmakers visit the art center lately and she has been ‘infected’ by their work! (with apologies to Ron, Doug and Hannah!). Below are a few of her latest.

This young lady visits every first Friday and gives the best hugs! 
Me and Sarah

So, that was Friday. Next up, “Art Attack”!

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  1. Hannah

    Ahhh the red revolution! Going strong in the States. Beth’s work is looking great isn’t it.
    Yes another picture of Dan Finnegan with bonnie young woman – shock!


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