After some extra large sculptural birds I’m now working on some smaller lidded ones. I have some very small ones to finish tomorrow and I continue to be excited by these regardless of the scale. I have always enjoyed changing the scale of an individual form..there are obvious and subtle differences that keep it  challenging.
I’m trying to figure out how to make a long ‘s’ shaped neck, but this long straight one sure ended up with a lot of character. I added some fearsome feet to it after this photo. It’s about 20″ high at this point.
This is a good ‘before’ photo. There are 4 pieces here…the pedestal, the container and a two part lid.

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  1. megan hicks

    Ditto what Dennis Allen said. I think you’ve created the dimwitted younger sibling of Feathers McGraw — remember the evil penguin in the second Wallace and Grommit film? It’s brilliant…in a dimwitted sort of way. Can’t wait to see him (or her) all fired up.


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