Buffalo, My Hometown.

I was able to spend a day and a half in Buffalo, New York on my return from Pinecroft. I was born in the 2nd ward in South Buffalo and grew up amidst the working class families, mainly Irish and Catholic, who supplied the labor for the steel mills and chemical plants that stood like a wall between us and Lake Erie.

Buffalo was one of the richest cities in America 100 years ago…timber and agriculture made people rich and when the Erie Canal was built many more fortunes were made as the city’s lakefront filled with grain elevators and warehouses to accommodate all the goods being shipped from the midwest headed for NYC. The city benefited from the strong ethnic communities that arrived. Along with the Irish, German and Italian and Polish neighborhoods all developed and brought old world skills to this boom town.

Buffalo was the first illuminated city thanks to the power harnessed on the Niagra River by The Falls. The Pan-American Exposition was held there, a precursor to the World’s Fair. President William McKinley was assassinated there while shaking hands with members of the public. He died on the site of my high school and Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in just down the street.

While my memories are primarily of life in the more modest neighborhoods, Buffalo is a city of fabulous architecture and it there that you can see it’s former grandeur. Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and Joseph Ellicott were among the many noted architects that designed there. I drove around in wonder as house after house, building after building showed the glory  of a bygone age when craftmanship and material mattered. It seems to me that there is a renewal of sorts going on…that would be a very good thing.Bflo. tileworkBflo. downtownBflo. Erie Co. Public LibraryBflo. random tileworkBflo. Grain ElevatorsBflo. Savings Bank DomeBflo. ArmoryBflo. Forest LawnBflo. Erie CanalBflo. Canisius HighMy high school was a former Masonic Temple and a private residence before then. It is quite grand.

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  1. Tim Finnegan

    Edward B Green was also a notable architect who designed the Genesee building in the 1930s, now the Hyatt Regency hotel(where I work) as well as the chapel in Forest Lawn cemetary where my brother Dan spent a bit
    of time during his youth. Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed NYC’s Central Park, designed the city of Buffalo and it’s park system. FYI, Mark Twain also lived here for a brief time in the late 19th century and wrote for the buffalo news

  2. Teresa Dunlop

    Hi Dan,
    I really enjoyed the workshop with you at Pinecroft. It was a relaxing energizing experience. Thanks for that. Brenda and Tony were such awesome hosts too.
    Thanks for this article on Buffalo. I love architecture and really appreciate the history and images that you have shown here. It might be time for a Buffalo road trip to check out these buildings!!
    Happy potting.


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