Bird on a Bowl

This is about 14″ wide.
I’ve got a few proto-types for a bird bowl in the studio but this is the first one that I’ve finished. I know that there is an awesome idea here, and this is just fine, but I think I have to increase the scale to really make it work. I’ve been letting the bird-bowl idea gestate for a while now and I certainly have had the incredible pedestaled fish bowls of a certain Toff Milway in mind as I’ve pondered this form.
The form of this pedestal makes it seem like it is in flight so I’ve dropped the feet back trying to represent that feeling.  It’s hard to see, but I put a rather straightforward pulled strap handle on the backside. It fills an important visual and functional purpose. I think…
Detail of a large ‘double bird’ vase that I’m working on.

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  1. Anna

    Love the directional feeling of the “feathers”. Definitely makes you feel he’s about to take off!


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