Before and After

I’ve grown comfortable making pots this size, using a 4lb. piece as the base and 3lb. piece on top before adding the collar that you see here. I use a small soldering torch to firm things up, something I avoided for a long time for reasons inexplicable. The collar or ‘cap’ is made from a little more than a pound. I love the challenge of making these classic shapes with a seamless lines. I’ll put a hefty handle on this bottle in a couple of days.
Everything I make is an homage to someone or something or other and this is no exception. Ray Finch made the most wonderful and robust cider jars, some as tall as 4 feet!. I aspire to make pots that great height one day. These really should have a spigot attached at the base to properly serve cider.
I made this vase before the bottle above. It’s widest point is a bit low for my tastes, but by the time I add handles at the top I think it will change the visual balance enough to pass muster. I dropped that little porcelain cup in front for scale, and the bird head is there because it cracks me up as it rises through the table…

8 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Linda Starr

    Love the bird, just wonderful. I heard the peepers. Right after I read your blog we had a bunch of rain and they sang all night long and because I read your blog I knew what they were. Still haven’t seen them hopefully one of these days, thanks so much.

  2. jimgottuso

    that’s a hilarious picture with the bird’s head. i love to experiment with the multiple piece form, those are getting quite tall.

  3. Hollis Engley

    The tall pots are lovely, and I always like Ray’s cider jars. But … is that … wait a minute … no, I think it is … is that a teabowl???

  4. Dan Finnegan

    Thanks for the compliments, and Hollis, I know you’re trying to wind me up and get me to write my ‘teabowl rant’! With AKAR’s upcoming show etc. it’s been on my mind to burst that mighty bubble!


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