Back in the (photo) Studio

After my last firing I barely got photos of the birds taken before life just got too hectic. I never did shoot any of the ‘real’ pots so I’m playing catch up now. Sadly, a lot of good pots are already gone, but there are plenty of gems left. 
side-handled casserole
I’m more than ready to get back to making new work, but I have to wait until I get a few more projects done. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who finds that once I begin throwing I lose interest in a lot of outside things.
oval vase
rectangular baking dish
oval pitcher

All pots are for sale if your interested.

8 Responses to “Back in the (photo) Studio”

  1. Kyle Carpenter

    Dan, have you ever used your crackle slip on porcelain? I’m wanting to try it, but read somewhere that sometimes there is an adhesion problem. Any thoughts?

  2. Lizet

    Nice! I’ve always wanted to use a handle on my pots like the one you have on the casserole dish. I’m not sure how to make it though. It looks great!

  3. Judy Abdelaziz

    Love the oval vase. Doesn’t it always happen that the best items are unloaded from the kiln minutes before leaving for a show and you just don’t have time to photograph them?


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