Back From Uganda!

The Milways, not me. Since my Stratford post the days have been accelerating. Getting their house in order, shopping for a year’s supply of tea, finishing up a few pots, walking around the hill, dinner parties with Ann and Steve Marchant and lunching in the pub with Ron and Lorna Wheeler. Ron wrote the wonderful Winchcombe book years ago and has been working very hard on the book for Eddie Hopkins which will debut this week. A bunch of us have been working on his memorial exhibition which will open next week at the Winds of Change Gallery in Winchcombe.
Eddie was a hugely important figure at the Winchcombe Pottery for 35 years and very sadly died in the dreadful floods that hit these parts two years ago. He was an incredible pot maker and and a totally charming rougue. I’ll be writing much more about him later this week.

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  1. Anna

    More banks eh? I’ll show you mine when you get back! Sorry you are so close to the end, but we look forward to seeing you….and that gifted pot from Hannah! (Yes I am still jealous.) Safe travels.

    anna BRANNER 🙂


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