If I had a list of favorite words, ‘Autumnal’ would certainly be in the top 10. I do have a list of favorite seasons (it’s a whole lot easier) and autumn has always been at the top. Now I know why…I looked it up in my American Heritage Dictionary and the second explanation is too close for comfort…”2. A period of maturity verging on decline”. I fear that I’ve become autumnal myself!
After spending a few weeks making some bigger, fussier pots I’ve taken a break by throwing lots of smaller pots. That’s where I’m most comfortable and I think it’s a good thing that I can still find a lot of pleasure exploring the little nuances that each piece allows. I also like making pots that I’m pretty certain people will use. Michael Kline raises a great point in his blog today about making ‘useful’ pots and I know exactly what he’s talking about. How many people are really going to use the teapot I made that they might have paid several hundred dollars for?
Mugs, on the other hand, continue to be accessible and here in the ‘Burg there is something like a cult regarding them. I reckon I’ve made close to 10,000 of them since I began!

This little candlestick is new for me…they will fit everywhere in the kiln and will be useful for testing glazes. Anyone else out there sell their glaze tests?

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  1. Patricia Griffin

    Don’t know much about you, Dan, other than what what I’ve read on your blog… But I can’t say there’s anything that would indicate “verging on decline”!!!

    Instead, it’s all about new work, new ideas, humor, sharing your experience with others, commitment to the art/craft. No decline!

    On the glaze tests, I was making little bowls and trying out different glaze combos on them. It’s time for another round when I get back into the studio.

  2. Dan Finnegan

    I guess I woke up feeling particularly ‘creaky’ yesterday, and the definition seemed apropos. And I’m a little freaked out about nearing my mid-50’s!


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