A Question of Balance

It is a rare occurrence that I drop a pot, let alone three. Yesterday was one of those rare ones. As much as I hate to admit it, it feels like putting a match to some money. Losing the effort, the time, the cash…it all bothers me. Now that I’m a Blogger, reactions are compounded….first it’s “Damn#%&*%$”…then it’s “I better get a photo of this”

Other than wrecking pots, I had a good lunch with Bea, Paul and Rudi and then made another batch of planters, this time with a darker clay for the wood chamber. I do put holes in them, to answer Patricia’s question. On big ones, I put several holes in the side instead of the bottom. Better drainage.

Extra credit for naming the band who’s album title I stole for today’s title!

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